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Artist in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Artist in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire My name is Carl Philip.

I am a free spirited artist and love to paint.

was born and raised in Staffordshire, England and from an early age was
interest in art and sculpture. I at the ripe age of 6 drawing many
cartoon characters especially from the fascinating world of Disney - I
still do, completing small sketches alongside my beautiful

Throughout school I can remember producing
impressive drawings in many subjects including musical instruments,
depicting historic scenes to learning more technical aspects in
engineering drawing. For sculpture, I was quite good at clay making.
Other family members, past and present, have also put their hand to fine
art - my father Philip and Uncle David. So the need to create art
pieces has always been within me and around me. Its a desire, a pursuit
in life, that makes me happier and more complete.

On leaving
school engineering took my focus. Over the next 8 years I studied hard
in further and higher education. After that a career in industry was
pursued with gusto. During industry, the need to express my thoughts
more dynamically about life began in 1997 and I began art once again,
learning how to paint from scratch self-taught, what tools to use,
what effects to master, developing ideas into concepts and then onto
canvas, free at last. I love to experiment.

In 2006, along with a
fellow artist in Staffordshire, I completed a live art show at a wine
bar in a local town. Over the next few years I then presented works at
local galleries and was also featured in the prestigious Art of England

These humble beginnings are now developing into a
search for a deeper meaning in the art world I am currently
experiencing. The flow of colour and abstraction pull me in a direction
that is not reliant on obvious forms or references to life around us. It
is more to do with an expression of mood away from geometry and
exactness that I have had in industry for many years. Yes, I have
painted traditional scenes such as Florence, seen in 'Morning Flight'
and it is rewarding, but the realistic and beauty of detailed life-like
paintings are not what floats my boat for the moment. It is more to do
with vibe and spirit, the essence beyond the visual. This is supported
by my natural tendencies in meditation, soul development, healing and
the spiritual. My works of art can not be classed as commercial or even
mainstream but my window to a world of colour, flow and energy in a
positive, good way. - See more at:
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